Money is always as far as the first place. It is no exception to meet companies which have got into financial difficulties due to recent economic crisis. In order to overcome it successfully, it is essential to minimize debts and optimize your payables, to exact your receivables efficiently and to have maximum cash on your accounts. Cash management must always be a priority since insolvency leads inevitably to insolvency proceedings. Efficient management of working capital may reduce your dependency on creditors and cut down financial costs and risk of losses due to stock obsolescence or uncollectible claims.

With our clients we often deal with the following issues:

  • How to manage liquidity, how to exact claims in due time
  • We reassess financial flows, funding resources and costs
  • We optimize stock and set logistic processes
  • We find new forms of funding (factoring, reverse leasing…)

We can help you manage your working capital more efficiently, reassess your supplier-customer relationships, define your priorities and support generation of cash for your business. We can find and recommend new sources of funding, including grant management.